Disclaimer: DEFCO LOANS makes no assertions towards the viability of any specific loan to you. We publish our current loan rate sheet as a guideline for how our process works. Your individual loan terms and rates may vary depending on the appraised value of your collateral items. 

DEFCO LOANS makes no assertion about the value of collateral items. Resale values for items may vary from day to day. DEFCO LOANS does not provide any written appraisals for items until the items have been verified at one of our two South Florida locations. 

DEFCO LOANS makes no claims or warranties about rate sheets published on our website. Monthly interest rates may shift up or down before we are able to publish said rates to our website. DEFCO LOANS will always provide you with a written rate sheet, locking in your collateral requirements for your loan. 

Written collateral rate sheets are NOT a guarantee of a loan being made. Written rate sheets are also exclusive to your individual loan and your loan only. Rate sheets are non-transferrable from one individual to another.