About Us

Family owned and operated from sunny South Florida

Boca Raton

We are a family owned and operated small lending service house that has been in business for ten years. Our team has lent upwards of $220 million dollars and successfully returned over 95% of written loans to our customers as they are able to recover from financial need.

Loans Written


collateral returned

We Specialize in Appraising Precious Metals

Given our extensive experience with collateral lending, the area of appraisal and valuation we specialize in is precious metals and items created with precious metals.



Fine Jewelry

Luxury Watches

We are aclose-nit family of entrepreneurial individuals.

Our team is focused on working with and serving as many families in need as possible. Our goal is to aid those in need without becoming a risk to their financial futures and ability to conduct other outside transactions.

Our greatest strength is out appraisal ability – in that we provide you with the best potential outcome given what you have available for collateral and your ability to repay back your loan.

Our goal is to get you through whatever situation brought you to us – and then figure out how we can successfully get you your collateral back in your hands at the end of the transaction.